Young Guns – a responsible intro to what we do…

As serious as fox hunting can get at times every now and then you need to say stuff it, grab the kids throw on some face paint and camo and go for gold. My daughter is 8 and jumps at the chance of going for a hunt come rain, hail or shine she’s in.

There is a certain level of delicacy bringing a young girl into the world of hunting and the way you go about it could determine whether she comes with you again or brands you a big bully. I’ll never forget the first fox my girl actually witnessed me shoot, she was about 5 I think. She was so excited to see the fox come bounding through the paddock to the sound of the whistle, she said it looked sooooo beautiful but then the crack of the 22 magnum and the fox dropping on the spot and she had a look of disbelief on her face. Before we went to recover the fox I had a talk to her and explained what she was about to see. When we got to the fox I was quite surprised to see her reaction, my girl understood why I done what I done better than most adults, she said she was a little bit sad but it’s better than all the possums and our chickens dying.

Since that day my little princess has helped me out on many hunts ranging from stalking deer, goats and pigs to eradicating foxes and rabbit’s. She has a great understanding of where food comes from (paddock to plate) and conservation hunting, she still does all the stuff any other 8 year old girl does she’d just rather put on face paint and camo and go for a hunt with dad instead.

Have fun guys and happy hunting, remember get the kids involved it’s where our future lies.


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