How to use your Best Fox Whistles

How to use The Original Best Fox Whistle

Best Fox Whistle OriginalTo use your Original Best Fox Whistle, simply hold the caller between your teeth, keeping it in place by using the tiny ridge – and blow. It’s as easy as that. Because it’s controlled with just your mouth, it keeps your hands free so you can concentrate on holding your rifle or shotgun.

Varying the pitch

By biting down on the whistle, you will be able to vary the pitch. Biting down harder gains you a higher pitch whilst a loser grip enables you to produce lower tones. By blowing hard or gently you can also alter the volume – all of which will allows you to make a range of authentic sounds to guarantee the results you want.

How to use The BFC SS Fox Whistle

First of all, the call is not the easiest to use – but it is worth the effort.

The important bit!

Before you try and use your call, try this excercise…
Take a breath then push your tongue to the roof of your mouth and breath out so as you exhale, the escaping air is forced over the top of your tongue. This should create a sort of “tttsssssss…” sound. This is how you need to “blow” your call.

1. Hold the call between you thumb and index finger so that the long edge (with the lanyard) is facing upwards.
2. Place the call so the folded edge and both holes are within your mouth.
3. As per the instructions above, exhale gently – and imagine the air coming from your mouth through the two holes in the call. This WILL NOT make the desired noise but you’re almost there…
4. Whilst exhaling, gently place your tongue against the back edge of the call – this will force air to go through both holes in the call – and the interference between the two channels of air will cause the call to make it’s distinct sound. You will need to experiment with the position of your tongue – but with practice you’ll get it.