Surprise attack at The Corral!

Re-visited the sheep corral tonight. There is a slight breeze and a half-moon high in the night sky, illuminating the timber and Tussock grasses.

We came to this same spot last night and decide to move the call towards the area with most activity last night.

So much young activity yesterday, but couldn’t get them to leave the safety of their Den area. Which is a huge gum tree with timbers laying scattered around the area.

Taking up position in amongst the timbers of the corral we set the caller to a distressed rabbit hand call which I have loaded.

Scanning the area with the spotlight we see plenty of sets of eyes out at a fair distance away. Spotting randomly around the surrounding area, then back into where the eyes were watching.

There is some movement, as the eyes are slowly becoming closer, zig zagging from Tussock to Tussock, stopping and sitting, with curious stares. There are a couple of sets looking directly at the area of the source of noise. Off with the light and leave for a few minutes, allowing undisturbed viewing. The breeze is starting to become stronger and gusty, and most of the area is being illuminated by the bright moon.

Back on with the light. Low And behold one has wandered in under cover and is sitting about 15 meters away from the caller, they are curious young pups but only one has come in, we want both.

All of a sudden it must have sensed something wasn’t right and took off at speed back to the large tree we have pegged as the den area, both have disappeared.

After a little while of no light and no noise. I changed the caller over to a distressed chicken call that I have just to see if I got any reaction. Hello hello the eyes pop up bold and bright, we have their attention yet again.

Reorganising our game plan we decide to take up the ambush approach, they wont come to use we will go to them.

Using a natural gutter of low land, we make our way in a huge semi circle towards the den area, caller still going thru its call cycle with the distressed chicken keeping their attention fixed. After a little while we were in a position to take a clearer look with the light, much to our enjoyment there Two young foxes sitting with eyes fixed on the caller which was about 60 meters away out to our left hand side.

One looked directly at us with a bullet piercing straight throgh the bridge of her nose, thrashing about for a moment then dropping, a second shot was taken at the other young fox sitting about ten meters further away, with a deep thud, knew it was hit but it bolted and disappeared amongst the timers lying around the ground.

We looked around the area for what seemed ages but no joy finding that carcass.

Picked up the young fatality and headed over to pick up the caller.

Heading back to the car where we took some pictures before taking the face cape for the bounty.

Another very successful and fun night was had.

Stay safe – Happy hunting

Pro Staffer Ian.

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