Shotgunning for Foxes!

Foxes are a very cunning and smart animal so having a rifle and being able to shoot 200 metres+ with it is a handy thing. Some places however don’t allow rifles or they are just not practical and that’s where the whistle and shotgun come into play.


There is a whole different art required when whistling in foxes to a humane killing range with a shotgun. The patience and skill required differs greatly from that of just shooting them from afar with a rifle.

A few things that can help and are almost critical for shotgunning foxes are

  1. good camouflage.
  2. wind direction (preferably towards you)
  3. A good whistle (I swear by the original bestfoxwhistle to get the real close)
  4. the right shot size in your shotgun (I use shot size 2)
  5. and most of all you need patience and perseverance.

If you can combine all of the above you are well on your way to shotgunning foxes.

Using a shotgun is also a great way of dispatching foxes and preserving the skin for tanning and making that beautiful floor mat or wall mount.


The majority of foxes I have taken out with a shotgun have been with my old Eley model 402 single barrel 12g, no chokes or second chances with a follow up shot from a second barrel. I have however now upgraded and brought myself a under/over Akkar Churchill 12g and will be out in the field with it very soon SO LOOK OUT MR FOX.

Anyway guys and gals I hope you enjoyed this quick read and if you have any questions feel free to ask on the Bestfoxwhistle Facebook Page or on my Facebook Page – Pest B Gone.

Happy hunting everyone.