ICOtec GEN2 GC500 Remote Electronic Programmable Fox Caller

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The BEST – just got BETTER!

Introducing the NEW GEN2 ICOtec GC500

Loads of NEW Features!

And at only $300 delivered – it's a steal!

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The Best just got Better…

For some years the ICOtec GC500 has been the number one choice for UK Foxers and we’re delighted to announce the introduction of the NEW, GEN2 GC500

You told us what you loved – and you told us what ICOtec could do better… We listened – ICOtec listened and here’s the results!

So what’s new..?

GEN2 GC500 – New Features

  • New Shape – Elevated speaker means sound travels better
  • Tripod Mount on base of main unit to get the caller out of the grass if you want to
  • Crisper Sound Quality
  • Lanyard Fixing points on main unit – easier to carry
  • New Remote – bigger text – easier to see!
  • Better back light control – stays on as long as you want
  • Now preloaded with 200 calls
  • Timer on remote – know how long you’ve been calling
  • Improved aerial on main unit
  • Pause function on remote
  • Twin Favourite Lists

As well as those, the GEN2 GC500 still has all the features of its predecessor!

The GEN2 GC500 is preloaded with 200 high quality, field proven animal audio calls.

You can load up to a maximum of 200 calls from your library, no limit on call length. For the hand call enthusiasts, record your best hand call sequence, upload and take advantage of the 300 yard remote control range to stay concealed better.

The GEN2 GC500 remote is designed to make finding the perfect call very easy – with it’s clear LCD screen with back light – and two favourites list to make quick selection simple.

The GEN2 GC500 also includes an external speaker port in the event you desire additional volume and an AUX port to control an external AD400 or PD200 decoy.


  • Remote Range: 300+ Yards
  • Calls Included: 200
  • Speaker Rating: 15 Watts (LOUD & CLEAR!)
  • Speaker Type: Horn
  • Unit Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Remote Power Source: 9v (not included)
  • Media Format: SD Card (MP3 & WAV formats)
  • Add Additional Calls: Yes up to 200
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Auxiliary Jack
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited Factory

We’re loving the GEN2 GC500 – we know you will too!

6 reviews for ICOtec GEN2 GC500 Remote Electronic Programmable Fox Caller

  1. Mark

    Tried the new GC500 after seeing one at the shooting show, it ticked every box I wanted after the disappointment when using other brands. The raised buttons on the hand controller provisionally sold it to me after having Foxes spooked because I couldn’t find the off button on my previous caller but I have found that the clarity of the call, the long battery life and ease of programming calls just superb. Add to that the legendary customer service from Best Fox Call and you can’t go wrong.

  2. Paul

    I had been after a electronic caller for some time and this was recommended to me. I needed something that was clear on its sound but most of all I needed something that had a good distance of operation. I needed distance due to a particular permission I have has elephant grass and need to be quite a distance away 120yards+ . When I received the unit I tried it out and a different permission and got 1 fox sprinting in . I then went to my elephant permission and set the caller at 150 yards, 40 mins later I had the fox I was after. The next day I was that impressed with the range I thought I would try the manafacures claim of 300yards, all I can say is WOW, I managed to get 500 YARDS. Overall a really good caller, very clear sound, incredible range, easy to program and add calls and easy to use remote. I can now get the foxes into a position I need them to be in. Great kit.

  3. Neil

    I’ve tried lots of various callers both mouth blown and electronic over the past 10 years,none of these have come anywhere close in terms of performance and results that I get from my GC500. The flexibility given by the remote control and its ease of use is unreal to say the least, also the ability to upload your own calls is a bonus,to top that off the after sales service provided by Rob and the crew is first class!

  4. Andrew

    I bought at the shooting show very impressed. The quality of the sound is brilliant it’s easy to use and its brought in a lot of foxes. I would recommend it to anybody. What can you say about best fox call Very good service and very helpful.

  5. Dermot

    Unbelievable caller, well maid and not a cheap feel like other callers in the market , I’ve used the gc500 for crows and foxes hasn’t let me down yet works a treat every time . If ur buying any thing else your waisting your money ,

  6. James

    I bought the Icotec Gc500 a few months ago after seeing what cracking results fellow foxers were having with it and I just cannot fault it, it is so easy to use my 7 year old son has called In foxes for me to shoot and it’s simple to add other calls on etc The light up screen is great so you can see exactly what call you are choosing to play and what volume while in the darkness. The range you can use the unit is more than adequate for any lamper and I’m more than happy to recommend this caller to anyone! Since I’ve had mine I find it better than the mouth calls as when the unit is out In the field the fox is drawn towards it and not you so there’s less chance of it winding you and they don’t pick up on the noise and light that would usually be coming from the same place! You can also change call very easily to keep those fly foxes interested. Since having mine I thought a few foxes were going to actually pick up the caller as they got so close. The backup crew are more than helpful getting you started up if you have any queries or looking for a few extra calls to stick on it! You don’t get that kind of service from everywhere else.

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