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ICOtec GC350 Remote Programmable Electronic Fox Caller

<h1Probably the best value programmable caller on the market

Introducing the ICOtec GC350

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ICOtec AD400 Fox Hunting Decoy

The AD400 offers the convenience of attaching a high quality, feature filled decoy to most ICOtec electronic predator calls.

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When we introduced the GC300 to the UK market in 2013 the one thing you asked for was the ability to add your own calls… With the NEW GC350, you can…

The GC350 includes 24 high quality, field proven animal audio calls from Wildlife Technologies, a leader in bioacoustics since 1982. Some say the best available in the industry, and we agree.

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You can load up to 24 calls from your library, no limit on call length. For the hand call enthusiasts, record your best hand call sequence, upload and take advantage of the 300 yard remote control range to stay concealed better.

The GC350 also includes an external speaker port in the event you desire additional volume and an AUX port to control an external decoy (FoxPro type)


  • Remote Range: 300 Yards
  • Calls Included: 24
  • Speaker Rating: 15 Watts (LOUD & CLEAR!)
  • Speaker Type: Horn
  • Unit Power Source: 4 x AA Batteries (not included)
  • Remote Power Source: 23A (included)
  • Media Format: SD Card (MP3 & WAV formats)
  • Add Additional Calls: Yes up to 24
  • External Speaker Jack
  • Auxiliary Jack
  • Warranty 1 Year Limited Factory

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Preloaded Calls

  • Jack Rabbit Distress
  • Cottontail Distress
  • Gray Fox Distress
  • Timber Wolf Alpha Howl
  • Timer Wolf Pups
  • Red Fox Distress
  • Mouse Voles
  • Bobcat Adult
  • Bobcat In Heat
  • Raccoon Baby Distress
  • Crow Baby Distress
  • Crow & Barred Owl
  • Woodpecker Distress
  • Snow Geese Flying
  • Snow Geese Feeding
  • Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
  • Wild Turkey Hen Chirps
  • Fawn Distress
  • Whitetail Buck Grunt
  • Whitetail Snort Wheeze
  • Coyote Female
  • Coyote Yip
  • Coyote Male
  • Coyote Pup Distress

About the New Callers

The GC350 and GC500 use a standard SD Card media disk with 24 encrypted audio calls and can only be used on those specific units.

If you are in need of a unit that you can program your own calls and not spend several hundred dollars, we have a couple of options for you.

Easily change your calls in the field. Simply open the water-tight rubber cover, remove the SD Card and replace it with another SD Card. If you select a GC350, you are ready to go calling. For the GC500, connect the synch cable that comes with your unit from the remote to the unit, turn the power on and seconds later you will be synced up and ready to call.

A standard SD Card is more manageable and more readily available than a micro SD Card. There is no limit to the memory size on a card, we
recommend 32GB or less. If you forget to place an SD Card in the unit, it will tell you as soon as you turn it on.

The GC500 remote displays up to 21 characters per line. Simply name your .wav or .mp3 files and drag your renamed files to the SD Card or plug the unit into your computer and drag them to the unit.

What’s the difference between the GC500 and the GC350?


The AD400 offers the convenience of attaching a high quality, feature filled decoy to most ICOtec electronic predator calls. ICOtec has developed this decoy with an adjustable speed dial, whisper quiet motor, intermittent motion, 2 quick change toppers, LED light for night hunts and it has its own power source so it will not drain your call batteries.

The ICOtec AD400 is a light weight, compact, easy to operate, fantastic quality with low power consumption, electronic decoy. The ICOtec AD400 is how predator hunting was intended to be. Dead Serious!

See the AD400 in action…

See the difference – the AD400 vs the PD200

Decoy Features:

  • Attaches directly to ICOtec GC300, GC320, GC350 and GC500
  • Operates on auto mode ONLY with ICOtec GC300
  • Works with ICOtec GC320, GC350 and GC500 remote controls
  • 2 quick change prey toppers
  • LED light for topper illumination
  • Adjustable speed dial control
  • Separate power source for longer run time
  • Quiet motor, no gear noise
  • Intermittent motion
  • Decoy requires 4 AA batteries (1.5 volt), not included
  • One year factory warranty

*ALWAYS use NEW batteries – not some you’ve found in a drawer. ALWAYS test your batteries prior to leaving the house, and ALWAYS take spare batteries with you hunting.

The ICOtec AD400 has an intermittent timing cycle of 5 seconds on and 3 seconds off. The motion speed is adjustable for your requirements with the speed dial knob, from a crawl to a rapid violent motion. There are 2 quick change toppers for your hunting needs.
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