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A devastating whistle that any fox controller shouldn’t be without

If you want to get the attention of a fox, then try the Best Fox Whsitle SS (stainless steel).

Based on a design that has been used by thousands of fox shooters, the NEW Best Whistle SS has been developed by fox shooters – for fox shooters and has been tried and tested in both the UK AND Australia.

Mimicking the urgent distress cries of a wounded or dying rodent, the Best Fox Whistle SS is great for calling foxes from long range in the open countryside. Designed to be tough, lightweight, reliable and easy to use. At close range, once your fox is running in and gentler squeaks and squeals are needed try the Best Fox Whistle Original. Both are a deadly combination…

A simple, effective and devastating product…

The Best Fox Whistle SS is the best because of its many benefits, including:

  • Made from Stainless Steel – better quality, finish and value for money
  • Robust, solid design – can take the knocks without distorting
  • Light, easy to carry and simple to use
  • Piercing sound – very realistic and carries a long way
  • Produces a range of calls from the soft cries of a small, distressed animal to the loud, dying squeals of a wounded rabbit or small rodent
  • Completely weatherproof, hardwearing and tough
  • Simple in design which means no dead batteries or broken switches
  • Deadly effective

And at only $24 delivered direct to your door, you can’t go wrong… Order yours now! Price includes FREE SHIPPING

6 reviews for The Best Fox Whistle SS

  1. Bob

    In Australia we are used to using the traditional button whistle, or the Tenterfield. They both work of course, but I think the advantage with of the Best Fox Call Original fox whistle that it can be used louder than the button whistle or the Tenterfield, giving you the opportunity to attract foxes from further out. It is also quite comfortable in the mouth, allowing it to be used hands free. Now I have both whistles, but yours is the one I turn to first.

    Bob, Wakool, NSW

  2. Glen

    I have found both the Best Fox Call Original and SS fox whistles to be excellent. I have called in numerous foxes using both whistles which has greatly improved my strike rate. They are easy to use and I have recommended them to my family and friends

    Glen,Echuca, Victoria

  3. David

    Well i have to say i had one similar to the SS fox whistle that i left with a farmer but yours was better, although it was very close to the same sound as the old one, but being stainless steel was more solid. I managed to call in about 35 foxes and about 8 or 10 feral cats in one week in NSW Australia although the cats didn’t come running like the foxes it managed to get their full attention long enough. I would highly recommend the Best Fox Call SS fox whistle to anyone looking to hunt foxes. I wont leave home without it.

    David, Melbourne, Victoria

  4. Paul

    The SS fox whistle has been great. I have used this style of fox call before and have had great success, but i now use the SS exclusively and am very happy with it.

    Paul, Perth, WA

  5. Gunter

    After a bit of practice I was able to get the whistle working. We have used it to great success in combination with other fox callers, but we’ve found that foxes respond more to the Best Fox Call SS fox whistle as it reaches a greater distance than any of the other ones we use. I also found the Best Fox Call SS fox whistle to be of a better build quality than any of the others and because it’s made of stainless steel, there’s no need to bother about rust.
I have no hesitation in recommending the SS to others in the hunting community, also having Roy Lupton use it a lot on the Youtube Field Sports Channel to great effect helps too.

    Gunter, Dandenong South, Victoria

  6. Larry

    Just to let you know that the Best Fox Call SS that I purchased over 12 months ago worked extremely well, far better than the button whistle that I had been using. In fact it was far superior to anything that I had used before. Unfortunately it went missing but I was so impressed with its action that I immediately ordered another Best Fox Call SS which is working as well as the original in the hills of Victoria, Australia
Larry, Hamilton, Victoria

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