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The Best Fox Whistle SS

A superb long range call…

Based on a design that has been used by thousands of fox shooters, the NEW Stainless Steel Best Fox Whistle has been developed by fox shooters – for fox shooters.

Mimicking the distress cries of a wounded or dying rodent, the Stainless Steel Best Fox Whistle is not only great for calling foxes from long range in the open countryside it can also be used for the quieter, close-up work.

The Best Fox Whistle Original

A brilliant all round call for short, medium and long range calling

The original fox call from BestFoxWhistle offers you a lightweight, versatile call that can be “blown” hands free and can produce a wide range of sounds at low and high volumes. Unlike some calls that require hours of practice, the original BestFoxWhistle is extremely simple to use and you’ll be calling in foxes quicker than you might think.

The Best Fox Call Faulhaber Hen Whistle

Made by the Austrian company Faulhaber, the Faulhaber Hen Whistle is designed to mimic the sound of a Hazel Grouse Hen. As well as doing that, it is superb for producing a consistent, high frequency rodent distress call