It doesn’t always go to plan…

I’ve been planning this trip all week. Keep checking the weather forecast and it continually tells me it will be warm and not so much wind. Finally getting to this day shows much worse. 5am on Saturday morning it starts bucketing down with rain it just won’t stop.

When the rain finally decides to stop and the sun comes out to shine the rain picks up again. It’s been going on like this all day. It’s 6:00PM and the rain has completely died. I decide to gather all my gear together and pack it into the car. 6:30PM hits and I find myself in the car heading to the first shooting spot in pursuit of a red dog. It’s a 20minute drive out there, in the meantime a few light showers have hit and it’s blowing a gale.

I arrive and open the gate to the farmers paddock. There is so much movement in the scrub about 50metres from the gates. It’s just teaming with rabbits. I get back in the car and drive down to where I’m going to set up. The wind is blowing in my face, the conditions at this point are near perfect beside the fact that there is still a bit of wind. I walk about 100metres and set up my Icotec GC500 then walk back up to my car. I scroll down to Mouse in distress and I press play.

20 minutes has passed and yet still no eyes have shown up. I just continue to see bunnies running around in the thick scrub infront of me. I decide to play Cottontail Distress, another 20minutes passes and still no luck.

I hop back into the Ranger and set off for another property where the farmer has been having a few issues with foxes around his farm. It’s a long driveway surrounded by sheds and the usual farm machinery. A couple of gates later and I find myself at the bottom of a gully near some scrub. The paddock consists of long thick grass. I set up my Icotec GC500 and drive to the top of the gully. Before I start to call I have a look around with the Olight M3X Triton torch which is mounted to the scope of my .223. Straight away I see movement in the paddock adjacent with some bushland. I take a look through the scope and keep scoping up and down the bush line. I notice a mob of kangaroos. Better leave them be

I press play on the electronic caller and I play mouse in distress again. I continue to use this call for 10minutes then take a look through the scope. Behind the ranger about 200metres out is a mob of sheep just eating grass but in the midst of them a set of red eyes popped up. I scoped it up leaning against the bonnet of my car and identified that it was in fact a fox. The fox remained where it was just looking in my direction, it had noticed the torch that was lighting it up. The shot is too dangerous, there are far too many sheep around. I leave it at that. I continue to look around the paddock and up and down the gully and in the distance are another set of eyes. If I had to take a guess I’d say they were 300 metres off. Out of my range at this point in time. Straight away the fox took notice of the torch and it bolted. It wasn’t stopping for no one. I followed it in the scope until I could no longer see it. So far the night really isn’t going to plan.

Too cut a long story short I ended it there. Id much prefer to come back on a night that is much better suited. I put the .223 back in the rifle bag and I headed home.

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