Happy Neighbour…

Another Story from ProStaff Team member, Grant Harrop

I had got a call from my neighbour the other week asking if I could come around and try to shoot a fox that had been stealing her roosters. I was on the case straight away but after a few days of trying different times of day and different calls I came up with nothing.

I caught up with my neighbour and had another chat with her, she soon explained that she would hear her roosters crow in the morning but after a copper she would go out to check on them and one would be missing. This gave me an idea and a good chance to try out my new toy, the ICOtec GC500.

I grabbed a rooster call of the “interweb”, programmed it into the gc500 and headed on down the road to setup. It was about 4pm and I know roosters don’t crow at that time but I thought I’d try my luck anyway.

After about 5 minutes of calling their it was, a nice healthy red coat making its way from about 200 meters away I was stoked. It got to approximately 100 meters and I swear it heard the bolt close because it just sat down and didn’t move. It was now or never, I rested the cross hairs on its chest pulled the trigger and the fox hit the ground instantly. The sound of bullet hitting bone was awesome.

The GC500 worked a treat and I was thanked for my efforts with 2 cartons of eggs and a leg of ham, HAPPY DAYS.

My rifle of choice was my Howa 1500 heavy barrel shooting 53gr Vmax

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