Costerfield Hunt

After an early rise Saturday morning, ProStaffer Ian, headed up to his son’s property in Central Victoria.

Loaded the guns, ammo, new camo, and new Decoy into the car and headed off on our two hour trip – excited as you are on every trip you make out for a hunt, with endless possibilities to unfold throughout the day.

After a dream run I arrived, eager to get out amongst the bush to see what was about. We set the caller up on against a post on a sheep corralling yard, which we used as cover. Set the caller remote to rabbit squeal and hit the button.

Did many visual scouts around to see if anything had been interested in a easy feed – but the only interest we got was a murder of Crows that landed in the trees just up wind a little. We decided to wait until just on dark to come back out and try our luck under the cover of darkness.

Arriving back just after dark I set the caller back up near the same post, and took up a vantage position in amongst the timbers of the loading pen. Set the remote to Vixen mating call and activated the caller – checking around with the spotlight.

After about ten minutes, we picked up a set of eyes right up on the side of a huge hill nearby, we had interest.

Watching the eyes barreling down the hill at some rate of knots, he seamed pretty keen to meet up with our lady, stopping about a 100 meters away right next to a rabbit type proof fence with meshing. He sat and watched for what seamed like ages… I figured he was either wary or unable to get under the fence, so I took aim with my .270 with 149gr ballistic tip projectiles (oh i love them!!) cross hair sitting nicely on his chest, squeezed my hair trigger and sent off my messenger, hearing a thud, and no visible eyes in the scope, I knew my message was sent.

However, walking over to where we expected the body to be resulted in no body… We searched around the area and could not find our prey.

We called for a while longer but had no luck bringing in another target.

We headed home – and had a phone call following morning from my son to say he’d recovered our fox from the night before – about 40 metres from where he’d dropped… Funny how sometimes you just don’t find them in the dark!

Looking forward to my next trip in a couple weeks…

Stay safe – Ian

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