Checking out a New Property

Best Fox Whistle ProStaffer, Ian, gets out to have a look over a new property – here’s what happened!

After a couple of false starts, I finally got the OK to access the new property – a very busy Kiwi Fruit Farm – which is just 30 minutes from home. The land is made up of approximately 130 acres of fruit vines and next to that a hilly grassland property, which is extra acreage, covered in hay waiting to be cut.

My alarm went off at 4.15am, I got dressed, threw the Anschutz 22LR into the case, grabbed some packets of Powerpoint’s, knives, camo, caller and decoy. Jumped Into the car and headed off.

After a short drive into the hills I arrived at the property and met up with a mate who knows the landowner and had agreed to show me around the property. After driving in and out of vine areas, I was taken to the main water source of the property. Walking down a track after parking the car, I say to my mate, “What’s that down the track, there was a dark mass up ahead..?” He says it’s a stump and I was thinking I’d never seen a stump move before! I was convinced it was a Wombat, and sure enough, as we watched, a Wombat just meandered away into the bush.

We made our way down a fairly steep hill to overlook the dam (stocked with Yellow-belly) and set the GC500 off to one side hoping that this was a main source of water for the wildlife in the area, apparently there are deer, foxes and rabbits – oh and Wombats – right through this area. We perched ourselves high above the cleared area of the dam and turned on the caller to see if we could entice some game out of the fairly dense bush. After a while of various calls a wombat decided to investigate what this noisy plastic animal is, walks straight on by and disappeared into the thick cover.

We waited a while longer then decided to move higher up onto the opposite ridge where the hay paddock was but unfortunately the grasses were so high we wouldn’t have seen anything anyhow. So empty handed, we made our way back down the ridge and headed back to the 4×4 then made our way back through the Vines and back to the packing shed where I finally met the owner.

He had put bees out all night – the bees aren’t locked in they just stay inside the Hive at night, so that is when they are transported in by semi, hence the tractors were running all over the place all through the night. That probably explains why we didn’t see anything – they were all scared off with the intense activity.

The landowner told me there were young foxes in the area as his wife had come across a den a couple of weeks before and he assured me they are normally pretty active there. He also said that I could come back anytime I wanted and that he’d call me as soon as they cut the hay crop, so i can get in and hunt straight after the cut.

All in all it’s an amazing property which I will be hunting regularly – whilst we didn’t manage to find any foxes that night, it was beneficial to actually meet the owner so he is fully comfortable with me being there – am looking forward to returning soon.

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