Big Red Dog!

Every now and then you shoot a fox that puts a grin on your chin like the Cheshire cat and this big fella was one of them.

A friend and I had just finished up maintaining kangaroo numbers (under permit) for a local farmer and we decided to have one last spotlight before leaving the property. Luck has it that we spotted some eyes about 500yrds out but only having a 3×9 power scope I couldn’t make out a clear target, it almost looked like one of the farmers kelpies. I got out the whistle but didn’t get a response.

We decided to get back in the Hilux and try and close the gap to at least halfway. Bingo. The cheeky bugger hadn’t moved and I could now clearly see a nice big fox sitting down facing towards us, his bright white chest glowing in the spotlight gave me that perfect target.

There was that moment of admiration looking through the scope at such a beautiful animal, but that moment past and I squeezed the trigger of my 22/250. The sound the bullet made on impact was enough to assure me I had a dead fox I just had to go get it.

It’s still the biggest fox I have shot to date and I personally think I done the farmer and the environment a huge favour by taking him out.

Happy hunting everybody 🙂

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