Deadly effective fox whistles
for the Australian Hunter

Best Fox Call
Original fox whistle

A very lightweight, versatile whistle that can be blown at low and high volumes, high and low pitch and all without needing to use your hands...


Best Fox Call
SS fox whistle

A robust, versatile whistle (based on the Australian Tenterfield whistle) that is is especially good at calling foxes in from a distance.


Best Fox Call
Devastating Double

Save $6 on the price of the Original and the SS by buying the two for only $40 inc Shipping. Combined, they are a devastating double act!


Welcome to Best Fox Call Australia

Welcome to Best Fox Call home of two of the best fox whistles on the market today for fox shooters and predator hunters in Australia.

Best Fox Call is a business set up by experienced fox controllers with the aim to only sell rabbit-distress fox whistles we have tried ourselves and that we know work.

Our favourite fox whistles are the Original and the SS, both of which we have sold into many fox and predator shooting countries including Australia, Europe and the USA.

However, because it takes weeks to get the products to you guys in Australia, we decided it would be much easier to send them to you from within Australia itself. So we’ve hooked up with Running Dog Hound Supplies in Victoria and they will ship your order to you from Victoria – to arrive in a matter of days


Country Pursuits TV

Watch Malc Barnard use our SS fox whistle for the first time - to bag 5 foxes

FieldSports Channel

Watch Roy Lupton using our SS fox whistle

How to blow the SS

The founder of Best fox Call, Rob Crampton, shows you what to do

"The best type of fox whistle I've ever used."

Wayne, Wakool, NSW
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